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About Boy - BOY Magazine
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About Boy

BOY Magazine is a fashion and beauty magazine about objectifying the man.

The magazine was founded in Sweden by PR expert Fredrik Robertsson and art director Robin Grann and the first issue was launched in the fall of 2015.

The idea behind the magazine was to create a product that would not only look good on your coffee table and hopefully inspire – but also make a change in the world. Therefore – all proceeds from the magazine are donated to The Rainbow Fund in Sweden. The Rainbow Funds purpose is to financially assist LGBTQ people throughout the world, as well as individuals, in countries where LGBT people are persecuted and harassed by the authorities, the police and religious institutions.

The Rainbow Fund has among other things given rental assistance to a center for a variety of LGBT organizations in Moscow, supported the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) with over 40,000 USD – a direct result of this aid was that Frank Mugisha and the organization SMUG got the resources to legally stop the proposal of new stricter anti-gay laws in the country, which among other things would mean the death penalty for LGBT people in Uganda.

The Rainbow Fund also supports the important work of House of Rainbow, an organization working in several African countries to strengthen individual LGBT people in their everyday life. In addition to working with financing varies safety houses in Nigeria, The Rainbow Fund also supports important work and operations in Botswana and South Africa who receive financial backing. HIV / AIDS and health issues and education for gay and bisexual men through the Nigerian organization Access to Good Health Initiative (AGHI) has secured a portion of their work through support from The Rainbow Fund and a safe house in the township of Belleville has been created where LGBT people can meet under safe conditions. With the financial help from The Rainbow Fund, the organization of House of Rainbow is also working with training in LGBT issues in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone. The project also includes information which will be spread in the 14 countries in the region where the House of Rainbow operates.

If you want to make a donation to The Rainbow Fund – please send us an email.


Fredrik Robertsson


Robin Grann


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